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I have over 40 years of business management, operations management, and sales experience, B2B and B2C; and over 20 years of volunteering and partnering with local and non-profit organizations in assisting business owners and individuals in a multicultural manner in the health insurance, financial products, tech, telecom, energy, and manufacturing sectors. 

I am a first-generation immigrant of Portuguese heritage; served over 15 years in the US Army National Guard and United States Reserve as a Military Intelligence Officer and Enlisted member; served for over two decades on many local and state-wide non-profit and community-group Board of Directors and Committees, and served in a variety of Democratic political offices for over 13 years, as both an elected and appointed official, currently Unaffiliated.

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My Two Cents: Taking the Care Out of Health Care (2019) – eBook now Free

The book includes over a dozen ideas on fixing and improving Obamacare! Ideas to lower premiums, lower deductibles, and even to address Prescription drug pricing and availability, and the hospital system closure crisis!

Paperback and hardcover are available through booksellers and at Amazon. For “bulk” orders, please email me through the Contact Me page, or contact your vendors for purchase through my publisher, Gatekeeper Press.

ISBNs: Paperback (9781642378795), Hardcover (9781642378948)

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The eBook is Free to help planners and people to better understand health insurance and health care. We should all keep in mind that today there are many senior politicians in the Democratic Party admitting that Obamacare is failing the American people and that Obamacare needs updating! However, one should note that there are easy fixes that have been available for many years. I think many that read through the book will find it insightful.

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Technology Thoughts – Implants and Frequency Healing

Updated 3 July 2024: (Third Draft) I am going to cover three topics in this short Paper, Executive Summary style. 1. Implanted Technology and the risks associated with allowing anyone remote access to implanted technology due to data security issues. 2. Frequency Healing and how technology, Implanted and Non-Implanted, can be utilized to Heal as well as Attack a person, animals, etc. by “interfering with cell growth” and the bodies natural electrical data transmission between cells, impulses, etc. 3. Artificial Intelligence and how we must view AI through very clear glasses and not rose-colored glasses, as the Risks of utilizing AI to Attack through Implanted Technology and Frequency Attacks far outweigh the Benefits, and if we must be extremely careful with how AI is managed and the Fail Safe’s for AI going rouge and trying to take over the World.

2024 Financial Meltdown and Reset

Updated 25 June 2024: I know, you are all wondering, what am I talking about at this time? Well, maybe the reason the US is going a Trillion Dollars into Debt every couple of months, and why we are approaching a $40 Trillion Debt is because the Federal Reserve, with help from both the Trump and Biden Administrations has been “Secretly” Bailing out Banks and Venture Capitalists, among others.

2024 Technology and AI Update vs. Annoying Boston Elitist Military Contractors

Updated 19 June 2024: This World has been worshipping “technology” as a God for too long. The Elitist think that Technology will solve all out problems. However, that is not how things work in the Universe. This 3-page article, document, will blow your minds! It should, and it is just a tease of information…

System Balancing Ideas

Updated 5 June 2024: (Third and Final Draft) I have been Reporting on these issues since at least 2021; and it is sad that the FBI just took on their first case, related to Rental Price Manipulation through Algorithms. Algorithms are “Today’s Secret Form of Discrimination” and abuse of power in every industry. You see, the programmers never allow you to know how their AI-Driven Algorithms are programmed. However, remember Company’s pay huge amounts of money for Technology that helps them “Maximize Their Profits” and the Ais are programmed to continue to “Maximize Profits over All Else”, without Empathy!!!

2024 Dawn of a New Era for Earth and Humanity

Updated 4 January 2024: We have entered the year 2024 here on Earth and unbeknownst to many, we have embarked on a New Era for Earth and Humanity. The few who know of what has occurred on Earth, starting back during WWII, through 9/11 in the USA, and the COVID “Endgame” goal of depopulating Earth are heartbroken today. However, we are also joyful that God intervened, many Miracles is how we know, and we survived. People returned to Faith in God, and humanity is questioning everything today that they have been taught by their Government’s and all Government Agencies, since WWII, if not earlier. The future is wide open!

Balancing Employer Based and Individual Portable Health Insurance Items

Updated 12 November 2020: This article is an extension of ideas presented in an earlier article and is specific to the Employer-based group health insurance marketplace and the interdependent stability with Individual-based health insurance marketplace, inclusive of Medicare and Medicaid, PPACA Subsidies, HRAs, HSAs, Payroll Taxes, etc. I am not a CPA; however, I have owned and operated businesses with employees, including a health insurance agency that assisted Employers with group health insurance. Fundamentally, the ideas presented here will allow for the health insurance marketplaces to be rebalanced and made flexible for both Employers and Employees, specifically allowing for completely portable Individual health insurance plan options for Employees; and more options for Employers to offer Employees health insurance plans.

Looking to the Future from a Demographic Perspective 2020 to 2040

Updated 11 July 2020: This two page summary notes how the world human population is literally dying, with over 20% or almost 3 billion people disappearing from the planet by 2040, based on demographics, including today’s historically low birth rates, increasing death rates (war, famine, disease), and other socioeconomic factors. The underlying driver is that today, less than 15% of people in the world are women capable of giving birth, with most being in their mid-30’s and older. If properly understood, the ramifications to current worldwide economic theory and governmental planning are shocking, as the world economic planners have been blindly following a forever growth mindset. The impact to Employment, Housing, Environment, and Climate Change with 3 billion “fewer” people will be the most significant change since the Industrial Revolution.

Out of the Box Ideas for Reforming Operating Models

Updated 28 June 2020: These ideas presented here on a single page are designed with an enlightened and bipartisan approach in hopes of starting to address the many issues that exist within “systems” around the world today. Basically, it focuses on government and businesses working together as public-private models to benefit all people. The vast trillions of dollars sitting and doing nothing in massive funds around the world could easily change the world within the next decade by just distributing 5% of their assets annually to fund programs; especially as the world population decreases by ~20% by 2040, at the current funding levels. The money to change the world is literally sitting idle in massive trust funds. Why don’t they spend it?

Health Insurance Financial Assistance Modernization

Updated 6 May 2020: The ideas proposed here on 4 pages are for Medicaid Expansion and Obamacare Subsidy Stability related to updating the administration of Medicaid and PPACA (Obamacare) subsidies; and provide a roadmap on how to transition the USA to Individual-based health insurance plans from Employer-based group health insurance plans. The ideas include standardizing, expanding, and enhancing Subsidies in an easy to manage manner; and how to fix Medicaid expansion, making more people and families eligible, by eliminating the massive number of people that have significant assets from the program, which enrolled under Obamacare but were not allowed to enroll before Obamacare was implemented. These are “experience-based” ideas from having enrolled 1,000’s in PPACA (Obamacare) Medicaid and Exchange (subsidized and non-subsidized) health insurance plans! The designs should be easy to implement and administer, unlike the current system that was “theoretically” designed to work by policy makers with limited field experience.

Hospital and Community Health Systems Bailout and Funding Model

Updated 7 May 2020: This two page summary updated after the COVID-19 outbreak expands on the ideas that are presented in my book, My Two Cents. Overall, the item to consider both here in the USA and abroad is how to establish public-private partnerships for providing health care services to people no matter where they live, whether in a city or the remote communities. The presented idea is to establish systems that are managed by Clinicians, doctors and other health care providers, within localized health care hubs, that are privately and publicly funded contingent that they operate as naturalized monopolies. This would still allow for large specialty hospitals located in the urban centers, while maintaining basic and critical care service in the rural communities. I’m not a Clinician; so I focus on the basics.

California Magazine: Ideas for Fixing the Health Insurance Markets and Improving Healthcare

Published 1 April 2020: This article appeared in California Magazine and provides some high level ideas on how to improve both the health insurance markets and the health care system. It is a short read and very focused with a list of steps for moving forward.

Last Call: This is “venting” as the “children” are upset at getting Parenting from Ancestors! Punishment! Let’s start by saying, be careful what you ask for, as it may not be delivered in a way you like! All the push to form a One World Government, pick an idiotic group, there’s many, has not turned out as any of them expected. They have all been put in their place and keep trying to return to a Past that no longer exists; so, get over it Children, be you Human, another Life Form, including “Artificial” Intelligence, with the word “Intelligence” being really questionable today!

Theory and What If: These are some thoughts to be vetted… Important: The ‘Threat and Risk’ of AI is now actually a “Historical” Risk. There will inevitably be occasional issues, as we seem to be too stupid to ‘eliminate and/or fix old technology’, as we move forward. However, the Y2K/29Feb2000 Disaster of the Last 23+ years is Beyond comprehension, and the main reason for Earth, etc., being “quarantined” from integrating into the greater Cosmos.

Historical Notes for Unpublished Ideas: This document is an amalgamation of multiple documents created since 2020. It does not represent all my unpublished notes; however, it should encompass many ideas not included in Published Documents and eBooks.

Select Pre-2020 Project Documents

Public Comment on PPACA / Obamacare recommended updates submitted to HHS/CMS: 17 February 2017 and 12 June 2017

Benefit Corporation Report for prior owned health insurance agency supporting the PPACA / Obamacare Exchange and Medicaid population in the State of Connecticut during OE3, dissolved June 2017: Report CEO Cover Letter and Benefit Corp Report